Warrior Princess Book Nook

“A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great” (Proverbs 18:16).

Inspired by my aunt Janice Cooper’s act of generosity and thoughtful gift.

Library #1

The very first library to receive a donation of The Fight!
Janice Cooper personally delivered her donated copy to Michael Hanes, Library Director.

Thanks to uncle Curtis & aunt Janice Cooper (Lilian Grace’s greats) for making the very first book donation to the Cushing Public Library on Monday, August 23, 2021.

On Sunday, August 22, 2021, I had the privilege to speak at my home church, Cushing FWB, where I was raised and gained a strong, Christian foundation. My aunt Janice blessed me with a purchase of a second copy of my book to donate to the Cushing Public Library. She was on the receiving end when some Christian women blessed her after her mother passed by donating Christian books to the public library in memory of her mother.

It brings me great joy to know that my book is located at one of my favorite places in Cushing, the Cushing Public Library. I spent endless hours within the walls of books from a tiny Brownie to college years. It was my sanctuary of peace. I remember dreaming about writing a book one day as I poured myself into the countless pages of reading therapy there. I never thought it would be like this, but the reality is more beautiful than my childlike dreams.

Buy a copy and donate as a resource to a local library located in your public library, hospital resource center, church, support groups, medical office, etc. Remember it’s a great resource to include in a care package for anyone battling in life. The Fight includes scriptures, music, and soul food. My hopes are for you to gain a God perspective and be equipped for your battles you face daily. We are not meant to fight alone. God is always with us!

You are welcome to buy the book online through Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, etc. If you’d like a special message in the book, I’d love to personalize and sign the donated copy. I can send it to you for a personal delivery or directly to the location and/or group you’d like to donate a copy. I’d love to share photos and add to my list of places you can check out my book along with their website. Go to my contact page and send a message letting me know your interest in donating a copy and include a contact number to make sure we cover all the details over the phone.

Library #2

Monty & Janese, Lilian’s poppy & naunee, personally delivered their donated copy to Debra Chandler, Circulation Desk Librarian.
God blessed the Whitten’s by bringing a connection from their past to their present.

Library #3

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Tuttle Library has a black & white copy to check out. Here is our fabulous librarian, Vivian Sloan, with the beautiful donated copy!

Library #4

COMING SOON – Black & White and Collector’s Edition complimentary copies were donated and sent recently to the Library of Congress by Michael & Chrissy Whitten to fully comply to the obligations fo the Library of Congress since both books were granted Library of Congress Control Numbers. They are hoping to visit the Library of Congress in the future to get pictures with Chrissy’s books!

Church Resource Library

  • Purchase a book and donate today. Your church resource library could be listed here.

Counselor Resource Library

  • Purchase a book and donate today. Your hospital resource library could be listed here.

Hospital Resource Library

  • Purchase a book and donate today. Your hospital resource library could be listed here.

Medical Office Resource Library

  • Purchase & donate today. Your local medical office resource library could be listed here

Public Library

Support Group Resource Library

  • Purchase & donate a copy today. Your support group resource library could be listed here.

Other Resource Library

  • Purchase & donate a copy today. There are so many resource library opportunities. Please contact Chrissy for more information.

Book Tally Center


Books Sold To Date

My heart is full knowing that the books are starting to spread across the nation and beyond. This total includes sales data from Ingramspark, Amazon, and personal book stash.

I’m feeling very blessed that people have been purchasing the book. The feedback has given me fuel to keep moving forward to help one person at a time no matter the time frame.


Black & White Copies Sold


Color Copies Sold


eBooks Sold


Books Gifted To People Battling

I love people’s hearts. This is how many books that have been purchased from my personal stash to gift to someone battling. May each book bless the receiver in their fight.


Books Donated – Resource

The Fight is starting to be purchased and donated to local resource centers: public library, hospital or medical office resource library, and support group or other resource libraries. If your library or resource center doesn’t have a copy, then get a group of people to come together, purchase the book, and donate today. I would love to highlight you and the place you donate on my Warrior Princess Book Nook page.

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