Take Flight

“Don’t be afraid; just believe” (Mark 5:36).

Is it easier to be afraid or just believe? I think our natural state in life is to be afraid. In this state, there is darkness and a diminishing spirit. If we can transform afraid into belief, we can find hope and freedom. We can have light and life. God wants to give us that freedom, yet He leaves that decision to us.

I want to take flight and believe that God has my daily needs met. I have to take responsibility and do my part in the relationship. It can’t be one-sided. What does it look like to do my part? Here’s what comes to mind this morning:

  • Praying – talking to Him daily throughout the day. He wants to be in all of our life, not just parts we choose. Are you living a life that invites God in all areas? 24/7?
  • Praising – lifting Him up and focusing on the positives and joys of answered and unanswered prayers. When was the last time you thanked Him? In our house we have these common things that come into our prayer times: God, thank you for the food in our tummy; clothes on our back; roof over our head; love in our hearts; the ability to think and care for ourselves and others; transportation to and from all the places He has for us to go.
  • Worshiping – singing of His goodness, grace, mercy, and more. How do you worship God? There are many forms like confessing who He is; attending church and fellowshipping; singing hymns; dropping to our knees in prayer; tithing, and participating in communion.
  • Discipling – helping other believers live out their Christian walk. Reading the Bible and participating in bible studies are helpful ways to disciple. We need each other. How are you lifting others up and helping them down the narrow path? My best friend and I have been doing daily devotionals via the Bible app for years now. I don’t know what I’d do without our “iron sharpening iron” friendship. We help each other stay focused on our true source: God!

These aren’t the final list. These are some highlights that came to me this morning. I do know that the only way I can take flight in this life is believing God is my strength and grace. Without Him, my feet stay–no flight occurs.

What other ways do you invite God into your life? Comment below to share.

Published by Chrissy L Whitten

Chrissy L Whitten is a mother who wrote what God placed in her heart to share while her first daughter fought for 103 days. Her first book of four in the Journals from a Warrior’s Mother is available on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 in eBook form. Black & white paperback and Collector's Edition paperback (full color) are coming soon.

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