From Giving to Building

The Fight Scavenger Hunt 1.1

Drawing will take place on Wednesday, June 1, 2022!

From giving to building, my first blog scavenger hunt brings my past to my present. I am blessed with a tribe of people who have helped me battle and succeed along the way. God kept me up on Sunday night, November twenty-first, into the twenty-second, to follow through with an idea that originated weeks before while sitting in the sanctuary at church. I told myself I wanted to hear God’s pulls, where He leads, and how I need to go. His plans are to move and make things better. Let’s move.

I want to bring light to four organizations who have played a big part in my journey and are linked to Lilian Grace either a dozen years ago or currently. It has taken me longer than I wanted to find blog host sites for this scavenger hunt, but God is amazing in where He takes His purposes. He turned many no’s into the perfect homes for each blog entry that I’ve written. Though two of the blogs will not be the intended original sites in the stories shared, I’m excited for you to venture around their site to see what their purposes and gifts display. All the host sites are incredible people making a difference. Please show them some love along the way.

Of course, God’s timing is everything. Today, May 4th, ended up being the exact date this all came together. May the fourth (force) be with you means more than a movie reference to me. God is my force that gives me life, direction, grace, and more. May He be with you every day in all your circumstances. Recently, a pastor reminded us to ask God to be in our circumstances with us, instead of trying to get ourselves out of it.

I’ve been slowing down to change up the speed I normally run—all or nothing. Trying to not rush or hurry can make space for more God-moments and renewal. Not only that, but I joke about making my spirit animal more like a sloth. I think it couldn’t hurt if I did channel the slow moving animal from time to time. I had to take some time away due to my health, but we’ve finally made a huge leap and I’m finally in a healthier place. I’ll do another blog post about that miraculous journey soon.

May you enjoy going on this adventure with me as God brings things full circle, as you increase your knowledge by reading extra writings from this warrior’s mother. Plus, getting to know the host sites and broadening your circle.

As a fun part of the scavenger hunt and keeping true to myself, I listened to six different songs while writing the five posts. I won’t be mentioning the songs within the other entries. Yet, they definitely inspired me as I wrote what God placed in my heart. I wanted to give you the list in this very first post for your benefit to play when you reach each blog post. Once you listen, you’ll pick up on why I chose each song.  

The Fight Scavenger Hunt 1.0 Playlist

  • 1.1: Hurry by Kim Walker-Smith
  • 1.2: The Next Right Thing (From Frozen 2) sung by Kristen Bell
  • 1.3: Photograph by Ed Sheeran
  • 1.4: Change (Taylor’s version) by Taylor Swift
  • 1.5: Make Room by Jonathan McReynolds & The Good Part by AJR

I’ve included different prompts at the end of each post for you to write a couple sentences or more. When you finish the fifth entry, email your answers to me at to be entered into the drawing for my first scavenger hunt grand prize: a signed copy of The Fight Collector’s Edition (full color), one print from artwork in the book, and a special heart-winged pin. The drawing will take place on Wednesday, June 1, 2022! I look forward to everyone who can participate and see the connection God has created in the numerous communities and why. Of course, this is just part one. There will be another scavenger hunt or more to continue shining light on important organizations where I have found encouragement, education, peace, truth, and more.

This part of the journey has just started; now click here to discover what the second entry (1.2) on The Fight Scavenger Hunt holds for you! Don’t forget to look around each host site to get to know them and learn what they are about. Before you go, make sure to write down one take away from the first of five entries. You will email all five responses of each to when you finish reading all five entries over the web. We are all connected in one way or another—sometimes we know it, and other times we miss the mark.

To learn about me and all things The Fight book and tour, please visit my website at for more.

Chrissy L Whitten
Award-Winning Author

Published by Chrissy L Whitten

Chrissy L Whitten is a mother who wrote what God placed in her heart to share while her first daughter fought for 103 days. Her first book of four in the Journals from a Warrior’s Mother is available on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 in eBook form. Black & white paperback and Collector's Edition paperback (full color) are coming soon.

2 thoughts on “From Giving to Building

  1. It’s true that we sometimes might get in a hurry to enjoy what we anticipate will be the next picturesque stop along the journey of life. It could be we feel anxious about our personal needs and goals being met. When will I fulfill my potential? When will I arrive at my destination? We feel the ticking of time and worry that we haven’t seen the signpost yet for a destination we ought to have reached last year or years ago. And, we wonder, who will help us find the way? Fortunately, the answer is that God will help us slow down and see signposts we might have missed. And, the associations we make with caring and supportive individuals and groups can help guide the way. Stopping to breathe and reflect on all that has happened can help us feel centered, and later, when the time is right, we can begin to look for important destinations or stopovers in our journey we might have missed.


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